Differentiate Your Brand

cut through the clutter and grow your brand


We are a brand strategy consultancy obsessed with helping brands escape sameness.

Typically, our clients are businesses that have commoditised brands or brands playing in highly competitive markets.

They often struggle to find ways to differentiate from competitors and know that achieving differentiation will enable them to command a premium price and stretch a small budget.

Monthly resources to differentiate your brand

Why choose Fast Forward to address your brand differentiation challenge?


We are highly successful brand experts who have once managed local and global brands. We understand your challenges.


We know that you are busy and need to deliver fast. We like to keep things simple, structured and practical for you, the team and the management.


We take a lot of time to study how local and global brands succeed in differentiating themselves and use the knowledge to move you faster towards your goal.


ioana hardy

founder | brand strategist | meaningful differentiation activist